Compliance Rules and Quality Trade Marks
Global Quality
In 1996 Goccia’s production system was acknowledged to be in compliance with ISO 9002 standards and in 2018 in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001 ed. 2015 standards through CSQ Certification (a system of certification controlled by IMQ). This certification assures the final customer that Goccia’s products, during their production and marketing, undergo precise methods and controls, as stated in Goccia’s own Quality Manual.
IQNET is the biggest international network of quality system certification; this net incorporates 37 different certification organizations. Thanks to the IQNet agreement, CISQ certified companies can obtain the IQNet Certificate, which gives international validity to the certifications and allows to use the IQNet logo.
CE Mark on the Product
This mark is compulsory for the free trade of the products within the EEC. It represents in every respect the declaration of the manufacturer that the product is in accordance with the directives (2014/35/UE - 2014/30/UE) and therefore manufactured, checked and tested in compliance with the relevant rules (Safety and EMC Compatibility). The CE mark does not require any control or warranty by any voluntary certification institute (Quality Trade Mark).
Is the sole European Trade Mark for illumination products and can only be applied by manufacturers such as Goccia who have a certified Quality System.