For over 40 years Goccia Illuminazione has been producing unique products for outdoor lighting for Italy and the world. The constant growth concentrated on the development in this sector has led the originally small industrial activity of Poncarale, south of Brescia, to expand from 1977 until today on five adjacent production areas, spread over an area of ​​warehouses and offices of over 8,000 square meters.

Here, from the first idea to the final product, the outdoor lamps of Goccia Illuminazione take shape, thanks to the constant commitment of precious colleagues, some of them from the second or even third generation, in an extraordinary collaboration with the fervent local industrial network.

The drop (goccia in Italian), an international and intuitive symbol of watertightness in the legislation for lighting fixtures at the time of its foundation, gave the name and the trace that we still follow in constant technical evolution to meet the needs of our customers and propose new paths in the light.


When the design project starts from intuition, the engineering follows the process until it defines the aesthetics and the realization - the form follows the function, but both follow the light. And light is at the same time the ultimate goal and the original  drive of the research. The incessant evolution of lighting sources contributes to a continuous improvement in terms of energy efficiency, performance and space optimization, to be combined in the different applications.

The principle of Goccia Illuminazione has always been to give a space to the light, protection and freedom of expression - this is the function.

Transforming a concept into a finished product is every time an exciting challenge, full of choices and commitment, sustainable in the sign of the "made in Italy", to finally illuminate architecture, gardens and outdoor spaces, to bring light to the people who live them.

With this spirit and with always renewed enthusiasm, Goccia Illuminazione brings light into the form.


To ensure the best result in the context of your lighting project, Goccia illuminazione supports interested architects and lighting designers. In direct contact with the designers, our design office offers solutions and support for the satisfaction of your customers. The design office also develops dedicated lighting calculations, with reference rendering for specific applications. Feel free to request our support on the page CONTACT US.

Furthermore the photometric data and lighting engineering curves for the desired applications and series are available on the page DOWNLOADS.